Krypt Kitties: The Art!

In the past two weeks, we had someone new join the team. Everyone… *drumroll please* please welcome, @sayme.sammie!! She’s been a wonderful and necessary addition, handling the upcoming Krypt Kitties logo as well as the hand behind our soon-to-be released Twitter comics~

sneak peek at comic #1

It’s been a fascinating journey finding our voice and color in this collection — bringing together different artists and brains to really lightning zap this to life. It evolves everyday, from the era of clothing we’re pulling inspiration from (Renaissance to Victorian) to the personalities of our characters! How does a single detail change how you perceive or feel about a kitty, much less the entire Krypt Kitty universe? That’s been the question we’ve been wrestling with over the past month.

version 1 to version 3

After nailing down a general form and a couple generative tests later, we’ve seen a huge change in how our vampire cats are starting to look… and everything counts. The size of the head, the shape of the eyes, the amount of patterns and shading!

Once we started the comic creation, the question of how to infuse these kitties with movement came about. How do you take these static images and create something that looks like they’re dancing? Talking? Flying? @sayme.sammie solved this problem with a clever trick of stretching the characters to add the feeling of dynamic movement.

Our goal for these Twitter comic teasers is to slowly introduce you all to the larger universe our Krypt Kitties live in as well as our two troublemaking main characters. It’s a world full of disco parties, cat naps and entertaining outfits. We hope you enjoy learning more and more about our world~



Castle Sanguis: a world of royal vampire kitties 🦇

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