Meet Krypton Studio — a Digital Design Agency Crushing the UX Game

Krypton Capital
Aug 13, 2018 · 2 min read

Krypton Capital introduces Krypton Studio, a full-service digital agency dedicated to creating amazing experiences, digital products, and brands.

You cannot make a first impression twice, as the saying goes. A first impression may prove misleading, but it lingers on. That is why inferior design and poor customer interaction may ruin even the most ingenious business idea.

“The next-generation customers are upon us. They are spoiled by sleek, intuitive interfaces, interactivity, and smooth experience. If you don’t have that, you are as good as dead,” says Krypton Studio CEO Stan Kirilov.

“Good usability won’t compensate for poor design as customers will leave before you manage to show them all your unique features,” he adds.

For this reason, the company focuses on creating a comprehensive brand experience at all points of customer-brand interaction — from a web page and mailing list to mobile apps and API interfaces.

Krypton Studio design services:

  • Brand design;
  • User interface and interactivity;
  • User experience;
  • UI/UX testing;

Krypton Studio development services:

  • Front-end development;
  • CMS integration;
  • Mobile apps development;
  • Multiplatform solutions;

Focused on digital design and development services, Krypton Studio aims to become a one-stop shop for customers who need to create a comprehensive and unified brand experience that will inspire and engage consumers. The ultimate goal is to ensure smooth digital interaction leading to lasting and meaningful relations with the brand.

Ilan Tzorya, Krypton Capital founder, and CEO commented on the development saying:

“We are living in the age of startups: ICOs make it so much easier to turn ideas into reality. Unfortunately, a lot of ingenious solutions die away unnoticed by the wider public due to poor design or faulty implementation. We created Krypton Studio to remedy the situation by helping promising startups communicate their ideas and create positive user experiences.”

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