It really is a shame that the troubles of building a theme park thousands of miles away is causing troubles right here in my backyard. Shanghai Disney Resort has been over budget and delayed countless times. The Chinese government has pulled funding that was designated to help build the resort and this is now impacting the front-line cast members who work at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort.

Cast members are being laid off, getting reduced hours and pay-cuts left and right with these announcements. Disney cast members already make very little money but they tend to love what they do because they’re helping bring smilies to families and children from all around the planet.

Concept Art of Shanghai Disney Resort

Now before people start saying, but Jose this is how business works. Yes, I understand the essentials of finance and how businesses work. I also understand that if Disney knew these troubles early on, they could have reduced spending at Shanghai (mind you the park is already opening with the bare essential attractions) and considered the damage they are doing here at home.

I truly hope that Shanghai doesn’t go the same direction as EuroDisney because I smell Michael Eisner all over again in Iger.


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