Kryptono Exchange Partners with Beowulf Blockchain to Use Real-Time Customer Support Via QUICKOM

SINGAPORE, June 21, 2019 — Kryptono Exchange, a full-fledged crypto exchange has announced its partnership with Beowulf Blockchain to add real-time customer service into the exchange with the support of QUICKOM, an inbound communication service built on QR code technology.

Beowulf is servicing the B2B cloud services niche as a decentralized network provider for communication services. Through its ready-to-use technology, Beowulf enables its business clients to provide communication features for their business without typical barriers.

By partnering with Beowulf, Kryptono is now able to receive inbound communication from their customers with high scalability and quality of service. Starting from June…

Usher in the new year with Red Packets to the total of 1,000,000 KNOWs from FIATO!

Don’t miss this chance to be Red-dy for your festive reunion with family and friends. Simply download FIATO on your mobile now and receive FIATO Red Packet Rewards!

Here’s how:

We are pleased to announce the launch of our first smartphone app — FIATO. A mobile extension of Kryptono Exchange, the app enables our account holders to conveniently manage how they use their cryptocurrencies on the go. The digital wallet is another accomplishment supporting our mission to foster the everyday real-world use of crypto through blockchain technology.

“While more and more people hear about cryptocurrency everyday, few of us actually own it,” Dr. William H. Nguyen, founder and CEO of Kryptono said. “Its potential to revolutionize how we pay, share information, and even how we interact with each other is…

Kryptono’s new mobile app FIATO will soon be available for free download — first on Google Play, and thereafter on the App Store.

FIATO is the mobile extension of Kryptono Exchange, allowing Kryptono users to conveniently store, manage, and use their various cryptos through their mobile phones. They can also make instant transactions on FIATO without any fees, and convert their funds both ways between crypto and fiat.

Holidays never end with Kryptono.

This week, Spiking continues to offer 50% bonus on all purchases to thank Spiking supporters!

This offer is valid from 00:00 AM Monday Nov 26 to 11:59 PM Sunday Dec 2 (SGT).

So get set and snag some great bargains for your SPIKE token purchases. Because we’re all about giving this holiday season!

How to buy SPIKE on XPAD

  1. Go to Spiking’s page on XPAD.

Receive a 100% bonus when you buy Spiking’s SPIKE tokens on XPAD only on Nov 22 and 23, 2018.

Dear KNOWers,

We are pleased to announce that Spiking will offer a special promotion event to give thanks to you, KNOWers, and their supporters. On Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday (Nov 22 and Nov 23, 2018). You will receive a 100% bonus when you buy Spiking’s SPIKE tokens ONLY ON XPAD.

The event starts at 0:00 November 22, 2018. You can purchase SPIKE here once it begins.

Here is how easy it can be to join SPIKING special event on XPAD

Step 1: Visit the SPIKING IEO on XPAD on Nov 22, and Nov 23, 2018. …

Participating in Initial Exchange Offerings doesn’t have to be daunting. With XPAD, Kryptono Exchange makes IEOs simple and secure for you. Users have a streamlined process to register and buy IEO tokens for various projects.

Here’s how easy it can be to start using XPAD. This guide will show you how to join an IEO

On our XPAD home page, you will find the IEOs that are currently available or coming soon. Learn more about an IEO by clicking on it.

It’s time to trade smarter, and greater.

What better way to kickoff Kryptono’s Paper Trading launch than to have an exciting contest lined up just for you.

Announcing JUMPSTART — our first paper trading contest with a total prize pool of $3,000 in USDT.


Step 1: Jumpstart your paper trading

Visit Kryptono Paper Trading at Click on JUMPSTART.

Here at Kryptono Exchange, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Kryptono Trading Simulator — the best way to kickstart your crypto journey at your fingertips.

Kryptono Trading is your go-to training platform for crypto trading. We provide a safe, all-rounded environment for both new and seasoned traders to boost their confidence and trading experience to develop and enhance their own winning trade strategies.

No Cost, All Gains

Our specially designed training platform gives you the closest thing possible to trading for real on Kryptono Exchange. It mirrors our actual exchange, and is a “live” simulator following real-time oscillations…

More than Just a Crypto Exchange

Kryptono Exchange sprang to life as a new cryptocurrency financial platform on June 1, 2018, when we first opened for public trading. Although hundreds of crypto exchanges already existed, we strongly believed in creating an intuitive and comprehensive global crypto exchange — one built with cutting-edge technology and security in mind for users offering both crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat trades. The best of both worlds (more details in our white paper).

But that’s just the beginning. Since we started, we continually add enhancements, like trading APIs and TradingView, to give users a fuller trade experience…

Kryptono Exchange

A comprehensive crypto platform for everyone.

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