Kryptono Exchange Lists LoyalCoin

Dear KNOWers,

Kryptono Exchange is proud to be the next exchange listing LoyalCoin token (LYL), the new loyalty economy.

Deposits start at 7:00 PM SGT August 21, 2018

Trading for LYL/BTC, LYL/ETH trading pairs open at 7:00 PM SGT August 22, 2018

  1. About LoyalCoin

LoyalCoin is a utility token and a cryptocurrency-based loyalty token. Appsolutely is developing the LoyalWallet where customers can earn and redeem LoyalCoin through merchants that are in the coalition and can be transacted with using the app. They use a hybrid off-chain/on-chain model. LoyalCoin can be earned by spending at participating merchants, and users can also export their LoyalCoin from the LoyalWallet into a regular NEM account using bridge features they are building into the wallet.

Whitepaper — Website — Medium — Facebook — Telegram — Twitter

2. Fee and Trading rules

Please refer to this article for more details about fee and trading rules for LYL

3. LoyalCoin Promotion on Kryptono Exchange

To welcome our community, we have launched a LoyalCoin Promotion

LoyalCoin Breaking News| Kryptono Exchange lists LoyalCoin

Promotion Details

Sign up now at Kryptono Exchange participate in the challenge

🔻Early Bird Gets the 20% Worm

The first 2,000 users to buy 5,000 LYL will receive an extra 1000 LYL.


The top 50 traders with the highest aggregated LYL trading volume across all LYL trading pairs during the promotion period will receive rewards as follows:

TOP TRADER — 900,000 LYL

2ND PLACE — 600,000 LYL

3RD PLACE — 200,000 LYL

4TH to 10TH PLACE — 100,000 LYL EACH

11TH to 30TH PLACE — 60,00 LYL EACH

31ST to 50TH PLACE — 20,000 LYL EACH

🔻Crypto Throne

The top buyer with the highest LYL balance in his/her Kryptono exchange

wallet will receive 1,000,000 LYL as reward. The 2nd most up to the 11th highest balance will receive 100,000 LYL each.

🔻Lucky and Loyal 100,000 LYL

20 lucky buyers who buy and hold at least 1,000,000 LYL on Kryptono Exchange will receive 100,000 LYL each.

Total prize pool of 10 million LYL to give away

*Only purchased amounts of LYL on Kryptono Exchange are eligible for promotions No 3 and 4. Transfers from other addresses will not be counted.

Snapshot of account balances will be taken at 00:00 PHT (GMT+8) on September 21, 2018 for promotions No 3 and 4.

*Please refer to Kryptono’s Terms of Use for more details.

Warning: Trading in cryptocurrency involves significant risks, in addition to the general risks associated with cryptocurrency. Kryptono is not responsible for your trading decisions.

Knowledge is KNOW!

Kryptono Team

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