I am seeing many Local companies are suffering from inter-organizational conflicts which are Hampering their own business growth.

For Example, A common conflict occurs, when Top managements praise Sales team more than others (unknowingly). And for this reason, Sales Team can think they are the only people in the business who are doing useful work and can feel “Superiority complex”.

Scholars have termed this issue as Structural conflict or Inter-Organisational Conflict which can cause huge loss or Break Down a whole business!!

These are the ultimate result of Senior management’s inefficiencies or Top management (maybe short-lived visions). …

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To ask for help at the right time shows great managerial competency.

A strong company may not need a business analyst’s help, but a stronger one recognizes when the time has come to call in a Business Analyst’s help before it becomes too late to repair the irrevocable damage.The position of a proficient analyst is to go over all legal, sales, and management documents and determine what areas within your company need or require improvement to boost sales, team goals, or whatever the company’s mission is at that point.

Most would consider this line of thinking Inside the box, but…

Khalid Hossain

Business Analyst | Product Consultant | Marketeer | Programmer | Investor

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