Airtable: The Brand New Blogging Tool That Could Change EVERYTHING

I have a confession to make. I’m kind of a blogging tool addict. Or maybe a better term would be “blogging tool hoarder”. I have spreadsheets, documents, and charts for everything and they seem to help keep this crazy thing I call ‘my life’ in order. But, even with all of the crazy amounts of blogging tools I had, I still felt some level of disorganization because I had so many different tools, each doing something another could not, and I struggled to keep track of everything. Have you experienced something similar? Do you often lose track of where you keep your latest ideas because you can’t remember if you kept them in Evernote or Google Docs or wrote them down, and even then you don’t know which project it’s in reference to?

*brain explodes*

Then I stumbled across the program called Airtable and it was like the heavens opened up, a light shined down on this mess of a house, and angels started singing a tune from Journey.

Airtable is the single most powerful program that could boost your blog + biz.
Airtable is the single most powerful program that could boost your blog + biz.

What the heck is Airtable? I’m so glad you asked.

Airtable (aff link) is like an Excel spreadsheet on crack. It allows you to link fields together, sort + filter your entries, apply color codes, track + organize your input, assign keywords, and pretty much everything else (except do the dishes). It seamlessly syncs across all platforms so you can access your databases anywhere.

Airtable is seriously the perfect companion application for a blogger or small business owner. I can’t say enough about it. And the best thing about it is that it’s FREE. All of it. Every part. The only time you would be charged a monthly fee is if your database has more than 1,200 entries, or if you need more than 2MB of attachment storage (I have a ton of stuff in my databases and have yet to run into that problem). Then it’s $12 a month, but I’d totally consider paying the fee if I needed to (which I don’t yet) because that is just how awesome this application is.

Airtable is the single most powerful program that could boost your blog + biz.

As a blogger + small business owner, what do I use Airtable for?

It might be easier to answer if you asked about what I don’t use it for, but here goes. Airtable is my go-to source to document and track the following:

  • My Blogging Master Calendar which includes:
  • an editorial calendar with a blog post checklist included
  • products, ecourses, and content upgrades
  • email list strategies
  • upcoming challenges
  • social media strategies
  • affiliate information
  • blog maintenance schedules
  • sales funnels
  • My business plan, mission, values, and goals
  • My inspiration and ideas

I also use Airtable’s newest feature called Kanban. If you’re a fan of Trello or Asana’s new stacked cards feature, you’ll love Airtable’s Kanban view. It’s exactly like Trello and I love it. Simply assign a Kanban view to your database to see all of your entries as stacked cards.

Airtable's new Kanban view is incredible

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If you’re interested in going more in depth with Airtable’s amazing features and want access to the EXACT Master Calendar template that I use to run my blog and business, download a copy of my Ultimate Airtable Guide for Bloggers.

Seriously, this platform is too good to not utilize in your business, even your everyday life! People can use it as a checklist, organize events, plan vacations, track expenses, and a ton more. Plus, the customer service ROCKS. If you accidentally delete a database (like I did when I started using it), just let them know and they can restore it for you, usually very quickly.

Airtable also assigns a unique affiliate link for each new account, so use it when you can and you can earn $30 in credit per sign-up.

So go sign up for an account! (Btw, using my aff link would make me extremely grateful)

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