The ULTIMATE Way to Organize All of Your Blogging Supplies

You'll never guess what I use to keep all of my blogging supplies organized while on a budget!

Every working Momma needs some kind of organized workspace. But what happens if you are constantly on-the-go and need to take your workspace with you? I had this dilemma when I found myself constantly needing to be wherever my baby son was, aka the living room, doctor’s appointments, play dates, etc. I was tired of trying to track down all of my blogging tools like my pens, iPad, notebook, planner, etc. Once I located everything I would then lug it all into the living room or throw them into my purse only to lose track of them once again in a day or two (In case you haven’t heard, I lose things… like a lot).


That’s when I decided to get some kind of binder to maintain some level of organization. But I didn’t want to invest in an expensive planner/organizer like those really expensive kinds they sell at Staples or Office Depot. I couldn’t find an iPad case that was sturdy enough. I wanted something with zippers so things couldn’t fall out for my child to pick up and slobber on. I wanted it to fit my iPad mini in it, as well as my Passion Planner, and a small notepad. I didn’t need binder rings because I prefer to use my planner and notepad. Bonus points for having extra pockets — for paperclips, headphones, sticky notes, tabs, etc — one or more pen loops, and being able to easily fit in my average-sized purse.

I’m telling you, I looked everywhere but couldn’t find anything! Everything was either too big, too small, didn’t zip, had binder rings, etc. I was about to give up when I wandered by the Christian section at a local store and saw exactly what I had been looking for: a Bible cover.



I’m telling you, they’re perfect to organize and discreetly transporting all of your note-taking and planning tools. The one I found has two main compartments and to fits all of my stuff perfectly. It has a zipper closure, extra zippered pockets, and a handle, too! Now, when I have a moment of inspiration or need to plan or brainstorm, I simply unzip my “work kit” and jot it down, put it on my iPad, or in my Passion Planner. It’s magic.

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So if you want a single place to keep all of your note-taking + planning supplies, GET A BIBLE COVER!

Do you have your own work kit yet? If so, what do you use to organize it all?

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