2017 the year of unlearning Traditions

I grew up raised under family traditions. The thing about tradition is that sometimes it needs to be abolished or changed as time changes. There are a few traditions that I unlearned this year.

  1. The Holidays

Every year for as long as I could remember, it was expected to call and visit family every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I appreciated being able to see all of my family, however, my parents were remarried so that tend to involve calling and seeing multiple people in a 24 hours period. The worst part is forgetting to call someone or calling too late. One thing that I always try to do is keep up with everyone through out the year. It turned into a burden. This year I spent both holidays, doing what I wanted. I did miss two people.

2. Allowing Someone Else to Control your Financial, Emotional, or Mental Health.

Financial- I had one stream of income for the most part of 2017, and that stream of income controlled my finances and the majority of the decisions I made about life. My wife at the time was very good with budgeting and finances. I genetically suck. I did pick up good habits and started to work on having better control of my finances. I ended up losing my job but I had already begun and new job, working what I consider to be my career dream job. I began to get dissatisfied with the job I was doing on a daily basis and the pay. I began to master my skills which lead to more opportunities.

Never feel bad for taking care of yourself.

Emotional/Mental Health- This year I learned to let go a lot of negative energy that was in my life. I spent time learning to be nice to myself. I know that may seem basic but yes, I learned how to be nice to myself. I also adopted “Self-Care Days”. Those are the days that I do something that makes me happy and put a focus on self. I am very much so a giver, and my job requires me to be at service and offer direction, that can take a lot out of you. Never feel bad for taking care of yourself.