An Introverts Struggle with Vlogging

In the beginning of my transition, many family and friends recommended that I document my transition. At first, I had NO desire to put my personal journey on public display. However, I started looking up other transition stories like mine, or more so transitions like mine, but I couldn’t find many transmen of color documenting their journey with a creative flair. I saw the How-To type videos and the side by side comparison videos, but I wanted these videos to be something that EVERYONE could relate to. I have always been fascinated with how things were made and the actual process behind it. So I created The Process.

I wanted to show my story a different way as more of a “Day in the Life..” of an African-American Transman. I hope that my journey can inspire others to live their life to their fullest potential without conviction. Please share, like, and comment.

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