The Business of Being A Creative

The creative network of Columbus, Ohio reminds me of the phrase, “Still Water Runs Deep”. The creative community is very subtle and can sometimes be drowned out by the tailgating and the chants of,“O-H-I-O,” through the city. Columbus, a city mostly known for its athletics and academia, often overlooks the buzzing creative community that it houses.

Marshall Shorts is the Owner of Creative Control, and Co-Founder of Creative Control Fest, which is a creative conference sparked from the lack of diversity in the creative field.

I stopped by Marshall’s creative space to sit down and talk with him about his business, and his being a black father, husband, entrepreneur, and creative.

During our random discussion, I asked Marshall, “When did you realize your value and shift from thinking as a freelancer to a business owner?” This question sparked a train of thought you can watch below: