Donald Trump through the eyes of a Potterhead

I grew up with Harry Potter; begging my parents to take me to bookstores at wee hours of the morning to queue up so I could get my hands on each book the second it was released, then spending the entire day reading, not even looking up for a second, my eyes glued to my book until I got through the entire thing. I finished the 6th book in a day and a half because it was literally all I did. Sleep was secondary to Harry Potter when I was a kid.

I’m a product of the “Harry Potter” generation.

So, here’s a look at Donald Trump through the eyes of a Potterhead –––

Because, as an article I read in Bustle so eloquently put it ––

“…while we’re probably safe from Dementors at the moment, the political climate in America right now is making the Ministry of Magic look organized and efficient.”

The Witches and Wizards of Harry Potter taught me a lot more than any newscaster or politician ever did, or will.

Sirius Black taught me that a man is only as good as he treats his inferiors. Albus Dumbledore taught us all the value of unity––“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” Hermoine Granger even at her worst showed us what the value of a good education was, why honesty mattered and that there is no substitute for true friendship and loyalty.

Now, most would compare a certain presidential candidate to Voldemort––a neo-facist leader obsessed with the idea of “pure-blood,” ready to destroy anything that stands in his way of building a muggle-free world. Sound familiar?

But, I don’t think we give Voldemort enough credit. There is no doubt he is the most evil of the characters––conniving, bloodthirsty and a raging psychopath––even his name is based on the french word for death, “mort.” But, the thing about Voldemort is that he‘s also one of the great wizards––accomplished and prodigious in his magical abilities. He possesses a level of intelligence far superior to a teaspoon –– and I certainly can’t say the same for good ol’ Donald Trump!

Hermoine couldn’t have said it better, Mr. Trump ––

“Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we all have.”

Donald Trump seems like more of a Professor Dolores Umbridge to me––that self-serving sociopath (with a hundred cats on her wall) who replaced Dumbeldore as principal of Hogwarts for a short period of time.

Yeah, her.

She wasn’t exactly intelligent, but she was convinced she was made to rule. Instead of leading by example, she led by terrorizing not only students but any muggle born she could. And, she certainly couldn’t handle the truth. Nope, not Umbridge. She had to be right, about everything, all the time.

The minute Harry questioned her purely “theoretical” approach to teaching magic, her little pink-cat-filled-bubble burst and her inner raging psychopath reared its ugly head––much like Voldemort––only less intelligent––and it didn’t last very long. (her rein, that is.)

Donald Trump seems a lot more like a Dolores Umbridge to me, and he’s certainly got all the raging psychopath to match. I can’t decide what’s worse––his thinly veiled threats against Hillary Clinton or his need to kill every little bit of goodwill this country has left with other nations. It seems there is no end to his ignorance and intolerance. At the heart of Trump’s “charisma,” is anger, and at the heart of his campaign, fear.

And, that most definitely sounds like an Umbridge to me.

As we get closer to the elections, I can only hope that those of you who can vote make the “Dumbledorean” choice, because an Umbridge has no place in office. We all know how that kind of tyranny goes.