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A few weeks ago, I stepped into my manager’s office.

“Hey, can I talk to you about that job posting we put up?” I asked.

“Which one?” she replied.

“The broadcast one,” I told her.

I work in digital services at my local NPR member station. I had been hired part-time. While I loved my job, and I loved the people, it wasn’t enough to pay my bills. I still had to take on a handful of other small jobs to make ends meet.

If I got the part-time broadcast job, I reasoned, I could round out my hours, and make for a full work week. I would no longer have to feel like I’m scrambling at three different jobs to scrape together my rent. …

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There’s something special about the particular brand of job hunting that comes from a deep rooted place of “I need a job, and I need it now.” It can make us miss warning signs or take jobs too eagerly when we really should have looked more critically. It can also make us fumble, and fumble hard.

Case in point: that time I was interviewed at a local bookstore after returning from an internship. I was especially anxious about finding something soon. I had recently been rediscovering the joy of reading for pleasure, after my college years left little for downtime. I had worked a handful of retail jobs and had plenty of experience dealing with customers, working inventory, etc. …

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We’ve all read the listicles. In theory, we know how to negotiate for higher pay. We’ve read the articles in Forbes and Fortune. We know we need to have more conversations about being paid appropriately, and negotiating for higher rates.

I had never had a job where I even considered negotiating, up until I learned an acquaintance of mine had an opportunity on her team. She ran a content creation and event planning company in my hometown and was looking for an assistant to help her with a busy season.

“How do you feel about it?” a friend of mine texted me. She worked freelance gigs like this all the time, and she had experience setting up contracts. …

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Jenna Christina,

I’ve always adored kids. Considering I was the oldest of five, my upbringing definitely gave me a healthy awareness of just how simultaneously delightful and trying kids, especially younger ones, can be. I took my older-sister responsibilities very seriously, from helping change diapers to taking the younger kids for a walk to the park. Even seeing how chaotic motherhood can be, I still always wanted my own (although perhaps not until I was much older and in a stable place in life).

As I got older, that realistic and healthy awareness about kids gave way to intense anxiety. I started college and began to experience mental health problems. Adjusting to a new city and holding down two jobs while in school shook me emotionally in ways I didn’t know were possible. For weeks, I stared at walls. When not working or in class, I slept constantly. The simplest of problems turned me into a weepy mess. …

Video by Krysta Scripter

Getting one degree seems hard enough for most students. For double-major Dominique DiPietro, the idea that double-majoring is harder is a myth. She’ll be graduating with a degree in Spanish and journalism.

DiPietro, a junior, said being bilingual is crucial in today’s media age.

“Especially in journalism, it’s so important to be bilingual, because here, as journalists, our job is to tell people’s stories, and it’s really hard to do that when you can’t even speak other people’s languages,” she said.

DiPietro saw first-hand how being a bilingual reporter made a difference while she was an intern at the NBC affiliate station in Reno. Her first day on the job was the same day at the Sparks Middle School shooting, where most of the population is bilingual. …

Never watched an Esports tournament before? Want to get more coverage of the industry? Here’s a list of five places to start.

1. Twitch

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Twitch is arguably one of the most influential streaming platforms out there. While it’s open for any and all gaming live streams, live esports definitely had its boom through Twitch’s platform. Research firm Newzoo, which specializes in video game audiences, says that fans watched 475.5 million hours of esports content via Twitch in 2015. League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive were the two most-watched games in 2015, according to Twitch. IGN ( a San Francisco–based games and entertainment media company) reported that 27 million people watched the ESL Cologne 2015 tournament. Despite all of that, I’m still a bit behind on the Twitch bandwagon. …

Video by Krysta Scripter

Pitch Black Printing Company premiered their first video-game themed art show last week.

“Level Up” features 22 local artists and showcases art inspired by Super Mario Brothers, Pokemon, and Pacman. At the show, video game themed snacks and drinks were available, and guests could play their retro favorites on a game emulator.

Owners Maurice Harold and Megan O’Reilly got the idea after the did a Halloween-themed show last year. Then they realized that March 10, the day before the gallery show, was Mario Day.

“And we saw that on the calendar and thought, well, why don’t we just do a video game art show? That will be a good, easy one to do,” Harold says. “Turns out it was very easy to do. A lot of people got really excited really fast. …

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Putthivath Chea, who uses the moniker XsK_Samurai when playing as the character Ryu in Street Fighter 5, was ranked 17 out of over two thousand players last year at the Evolution Championship Series in Las Vegas. He will compete July 15–17, 2016 at this year’s EVO competition, which covered by Twitch and ESPN2. Kelsey Grey.

Two days before the Evolution Championship Series in Las Vegas, an international competitive gaming tournament, 10 local gamers prepare to represent the best of the Valley.

They’ve got their work cut out for them. Fresno Gaming is participating in the “Street Fighter 5” championship against 5,000 professional gamers from around the world during the event July 15–17. “Street Fighter 5” is just one of the games EVO hosts.

Jared Wong, a retirement specialist with the County of Fresno and Fresno Gaming’s organizer, is confident about placing in the semifinals of what he calls “the Super Bowl” of fighting games.

“We have arguably one of the best, if not the best, Ryu player in the country,” he says. …

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Merryn explores an underwater garden in Song of the Deep. Insomniac Games

Two weeks ago, a friend gave me a copy of “Shadow of Mordor,” and I spent several days attempting to upend the politics of Uruk warfare while being mocked by every captain that killed me.

Last weekend, I played several “Destiny” strikes with the same friend, and I ate a lot of enemy bullets while she was busy winning the game.

My bruised ego needed a break.

“Song of the Deep” was that welcomed break. Gorgeous, underwater visuals with a soothing, mystical soundtrack paired with an endearing storyline that is simple but strong? Sign me up.

Song of the Deep“ is a 2D side-scroller game that focuses on exploration and puzzle-solving to move you through an underwater world full of magical creatures based on Irish mythology. It follows Merryn, a fisherman’s daughter who builds a rickety submarine to search for her missing father after he disappears on a fishing trip. …

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Reynolds School of Journalism

Yahoo. Noble Studios. Channel 4. Visitors Bureau. Reynolds School of Journalism. Noticiero Mòvil. Ted Talk. Somos Nevada.

Vanessa Vancour may not have done it all, but she’s certainly done a lot. The Reynolds School professor is behind the bilingual news organization Noticiero Mòvil. She also just recently hosted a TedTalk in which she talked about her experiences as a Mexican-American in life and in academia.

“I feel most like myself when I speak Spanish, and that’s when I feel most connected to who I am,” she said..

A USC Annenberg graduate, Vancour spent her college years preparing for a career in broadcast journalism, with a minor in Spanish. Long before she started Noticiero Mòvil, she worked with graduate students on a bilingual news studio at USC Annenberg. …


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