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Charlie is overjoyed that he has found a Golden Ticket (from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, 1971, courtesy of Wolper Pictures)

“I’ve heard tell that what you imagine sometimes comes true.
-Grandpa Joe”
― Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Prologue: City of Dreams

New governments, new worlds, futurism. The greater good. Do you believe we can build it?

In Cybertopia-Dreams of Silicon Valley, the Valley is described as a place that is driven by a blend of mysticism and technology. Its history is one of a place that is both communal and for the curious minded techie who has a passion for building and making, but who is also entrepreneurial. It is not unusual that such a place would be the home of Impossible Foods, led by the duo of Patrick the scientist and David the businessman, headquartered in Redwood City. In many ways, they embody the idealism and very fabric of Silicon Valley scientific optimism and entrepreneurship. …

A story about my interaction with a co-founder of a health care company using augmented reality (AR) technology to disrupt the health space, who aims to make surgery operation as easy as a video game.

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Submarine Pod, Image courtesy:

Background: Tech X Social Impact Fellow

This summer, I participated in the Tech X and Social Impact Fellowship. One of my motivations for participating in this specific opportunity was that it was one of the rare spaces to meet persons who were both excited by the intersection of the Social Impact and the Technology space. …

How does one explore the unknown using a dream, ingenuity and human will to conquer the impossible? The following is a journey involving Time Travel, Maths, Space, and of course, Haskell.

This summer, as part of Google Summer of Code, I created debugging tools to be used by students programming in the CodeWorld environment. As a current learner of Haskell and of CodeWorld, I believe tools that help users reason about logic are very useful. I wanted to help users identify breaks in logic, and reason about mathematics and code. The tools I built can decompose a larger, more ambiguous problem (“Help! My programme doesn’t work!”) …

Krystal Maughan

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