Device Phototyping

Our task for this sprint is to develop a phototype prompted by a specific design challenge. The problem that my group chose to solve is “Cookies are over baked”.

At first, we think about possible reasons like the temperature is too high or the baking time is too long. Then we looked at the Little Bits prototyping system and try to come up with an solution to this problem. We make a simple brainstorm at the beginning then playing around with the devices.

We want to have a music box that can play the music when the cookies were done. Since we already know how to make the music box, this step is pretty easy for us. Then we connected the device to a little LED light that will turn on when the cookies are done. For the third one, it took us a while think what we want.

Q: “what else could we do to better solve this prolem?”

We thought maybe we can have a temperature sensor inside the oven, so that it will send sign to you if the temperature is too high. Then we realize the temperature sensor that Little Bits provide may not be able to do this. (We will destroy it!) So we came up with another solution — connected it to a cloud, so that when the cookies are done, you will get a message on your phone.

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