(When a stranger calls )"
(The begging)

(part one)
 ring ring ring" Facebook messenger bussed in my ear waking me out a " deep sleep .. " curious to the thought of who this mysterious " man was calling me .. " million thoughts rushes threw my mind all at once ... Wondered who this stranger was calling my phone. .. " I attempted to ignore the call from this strange guy. ." 5 mins swept bye .. "ring ,ring ring " who the fuck is this guy calling me at 3:00 in the fucking morning ".. " As I dreaded answering this call from a complete stranger,. "Hello as I hold my breath .. " hey baby the words that lingered from the opposite side of my phone .. "mind began to race still in deep shock that I’m receiving a call from a complete stranger". " Do I know u ? I asked the guy "! " Why are u calling me "! "The words that slowly left my already nervous shivering lips .. as I asked in hope for a response and answers! Baby girl " I have some fantasy about you. you beautiful ".." ughhhhhh" I signed as the cockiness of the interesting ,full of passion and pleasure left this guy mouth " " thoughts rushed my confused mind " ooouuu " why does his voice sound so familiar and sexy " grabbing eliminating every whisp of fear , "all in one motion ".. "as my "(ALREADY )soaking , dripping vagina began to thump of desire of figuring out who this mysterious man was .

(Page 2)

,, All at once .. " he replies " interrupting my thoughts miss lady why ?are u so beautiful and so single ? I replied saying I'm too beautiful to settle for less.. As the conversation grew stronger the chemistry begin to take take off drifting into a desire of the unknown " the sound of this mysterious guy ' .. every second of his voice " took my mind my soul ' my lips, my desire to want to interview this man with nothing. But my tough "... "As the words left this man lips " my body begin to wonder " was this "premeditated" .. " did this mysterious guy have this planned out ? Have he done this before ? This man's to smooth with this shit ! .. "My Thoughts' eventually began to vanish turning into a fanasy of my own selfish pleasure's .. " Step bye step I listened biting my lips as this mysterious man " asked so softly so confident , erotic grabbing my full divided attention with out trying ", "Caught in the mist of his voice . Caught myself sliding my already lost fingertips and pressed them one bye one on my vagina " gliding my fingers up,down teasing myself ' while remaining to not take my hands off my dripping wet vagina as I massage my vagina to the sound of his voice '.

(page 3)

"This Mysterious guy whispered threw out the entire conversation guiding me threw my orgasm " .. moaning as he talked with so much life as I closed my eyes and began to pass along this life we call earth and adopt his world with mine " .. as I glide my fingers deep into my passion spot slideing them in and out my juices combined with my rocking hips" as this mysterious guy guided me threw with pleasure of my first phone sexual encounter my orgasm reached its destination" as my head flew back and my shoulder instantly relaxed in satisfaction as my moan grew louder and my pussy explosively released..The mysterious man " softly smoke " in a few selected choice of words " I'm satisfied that I brought u too your climax beautiful and instinctively the phone hung up " click ..