The Sun Always Rises: The Final Chapter in Nevada’s Solar Saga
Vote Solar

I was so proud to be part of this fight. It was nerve racking to testify in front of the PUC, crazy to be giving TV interviews and surreal to be standing a few feet from Mark Ruffalo while he addressed the crowd. I think my favorite memory from the solar war was the night I got to be be part of the chase crew with NASCAR driver Leilani Münter as she took 006 — the projection equipped Tesla from the film RACING EXTINCTION — to splash light graffiti onto NV Energy, the Downtown Grand and the SLS in support of our right to choose the sun. Now, I am back at work in the solar industry helping my fellow Nevadans make a better choice. As much fun as the celebrity aspect of it was, it was the loud and insistent voices of every day Nevadans who spoke up at those PUC meetings, wrote all those letters and just would not stop telling our elected officials how much we wanted choice that won this fight. Monopoly and special interests are no match for an engaged & enraged public.