The Surprising Gift

This was a story that happned in real life and the girl who is in this story asked me to let the world know about her experience.

It was an awful night. Cars crashed, accidents happen more often. At the time I was in my way to go to Home after my Extra class. As a all of a sudden, Someone kept on calling me so i watched back, there wasn’t anyone. I thought i misheard so i didn’t mind and starting walking again to go to my destination. Then I realized someone was following me all the time, So i was afraid and ran towards my house as fast as i can. Then a person who was in all black came infront of me. I didn’t get to see that person’s face as that person was tall and face was covered with a cap. so i pretended i didn’t see it and tried to go back but that person said “If u dare to go, i will bite your arm” As the sound came Familiar, I realized it was my brothers Voice so without a worry I replied “ooh dear brother, you thought i was scared?” As he took his cap and looked to me surprisingly “How did you know?” I replied “The Jacket you are wearing now is the gift i gave to you 1 day ago, you’re voice and the cap you are wearing right now is the father gave you 2 days ago” As I said those, he nodded. “i am sorry, sis.”Right after he confessed, I got a call. It was my dad. “yes, Dad” I answered. Then i got a news that I have never thought of. I sheded my tears without knowing. It was hard to held back. I didn’t have courage to live on. I thought what should i do? I can’t live now. I have no hope. I started running. I was only 2 cm away to home. I opened and bursted the tears. My brother came and told me to go to Living room so i went with my brother. Lights were off in there so i thought the electricity went out. Then I saw a cake with candles and then I saw my mom and my whole family.They sang Happy Birthday song to me. “Mom, Dad Thank you so much” I said with Joy. It was my First Birthday we celebrated. My 15 th Birthday.Now i am 20, I am a Lawyer. I make sure that everyday is joyful to my family.

This is the End. Hope you enjoyed. It was a nice story, isn’t it?

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