Should You Relocate Your Life to Boost Your Career?
Jathan Maricelli

I totally just did this. Last month I moved to Peru. So far so good, but I stop short of recommending this drastic life change to anyone else. I am far from friends and family, and close proximity to loved ones is invaluable. Luckily I am here with my husband, so that helps.

Main pros:

  • I found creative community here way faster than I’ve found in any other city I’ve lived. I think it’s because I’m still in “honeymoon” phase, and the stimulating life and color of a new city inspires action and derring-do. I wouldn’t have dreamed of approaching a stranger to form a writing group in my previous city for fear of rejection, but here I had nothing to lose.
  • Because I don’t know much about my new city, I don’t have too many friends here yet, and I don’t speak the language very well, I am able to spend more time focused on my work.

Main cons:

  • I spend a lot of time studying the language, which cuts into time I could be writing. I developed a personal time management strategy to address this challenge. Too soon to know if it’s working.
  • My parents, sisters, and grandparents are thousands of miles away. There is no short cutting relationship maintenance. I simply have to budget frequent trips to the USA, and extend an open invitation to family members should they ever wish to visit. It’s hard, sad, and expensive, and this is one of the major trade-offs one should consider in advance of a move.

Thanks so much for writing!

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