Your friends are here for you.
Your friends are here for you.

Family’s got my back..

My heart dances and sings as I feel your love embracing me…

Thank you Meg 🌹You are like the mama spearheading the Calvary. The love and respect you show is awe-inspiring. You and a few others have shown me, well….me. You’ve held up the mirror so I can see myself in your reflection. You’ve shown me that I’m stronger than I think, that I am loved and worthy of love, that I am beautiful, and most importantly that I welcome and safe here. Thanks for having my back from day one. From day one! You all are quite amazing in my book. I am humbled. That is what family and community is all about. I can/have/& will always reciprocate. I love this warm fuzzy feeling I’m having while writing this. At least I know I’m not a troll, Hahaha, because they are incapable of being warm and fuzzy in their reptilian gator skin. From the bottom of my wee little heart, I bow in gracious gratitude to you dear Meg and to the rest of my new found family here on Medium💚.

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