when Depression starts doing its best to wrap a lead blanket around me:
how to trick yourself into being kind to yourself
Wil Wheaton

Great article! I can relate to the heaviness of anxiety and depression. I really like how you liken it to a lead blanket wrapping itself around you. Absolutely! That is very much what it feels like when it starts coming on. I admire the way you chose to deal with it, walk, run, walk, run, all the while sorting through it in your head. It’s amazing that you can do that. I know it sounds silly being amazed by something so simple, but I still have a very hard time trying to sort out my thoughts and emotions. They just get so mingled that I can’t tell where one emotion ends and another begins. I used to be able to help control it, somewhat, by riding my bike, going for a walk with my dog, or doing yoga; none of which I can do anymore, and I’ve felt more lost than ever. All of my outlets shriveled up when I started losing control of my legs. So now I meditate, sort of. Even after a couple of years of practice, the tornado of thoughts never decrease, they turn in hurricanes. But you have inspired me to keep trying, to throw that lead blanket off so I can breathe at least. You have been afflicted with the same dis-ease/disorder as me, yet you are successful (in my opinion). It seems unattainable for me, but it’s not, I just need to figure out the individual sources (yeah I got a few) and just work from there. It’s simple right? Thank you for sharing your triumphs with everyone, and me. Mad respect, Take Care 💚

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