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I do! I care!

Ooh pick me! Pick me!

Also, I didn’t stay in my safe place, I commented, and stood up for you, just saying. It doesn’t matter either way though, when you feel jaded or let down by the commumity and family you have come to love and feel safe among. That troll was down right ridiculous, and I’m sorry she pulled you in.(I find it comically ironic because I had just read that piece about spotting trolls). It didn’t need to be like that, but she’s a troll, nothing more nothing less. A reasonable person would have been able to have a discussion. Please shake hard, shake off all that nasty shit she flung your direction, shake it all away, shake it baby. She was spewing that shit out of her mouth, but what can you really expect from a dirty little troll? There are many, MANY people here who care about you Jaden, truly and deeply genuine. And we care when you are struggling or hurting. You ARE NOT alone here. Just as you have been here for each of us so many times, too many to count, we are here for you. I hope enough time has passed that you are able the breathe again. Great big bear hugs sister and a wet sloppy kiss all over your face. I love you for you! 💚💚💚💚💚

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