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Oh the nonsense…


The utter nonsense of this thread is ridiculousness, and not on your end of it Jaden. I think all your responses were quite logical, coming from a deep seed of empathy, justice, love, RESPECT and fairness. From the place we all should be coming from (not matter skin color or ethnicity) at this point if we are ever going to even come close to removing from these injustices in our society. I have read many of your previous articles (I love your style of writing, and the topics you choose), not one did I feel was pointing fingers or blaming, biased or skewed in any way. Not one where you were nasty or name calling, or anything else negative or degrading really, beyond trying to defend, educate and unite our culture. I really don’t get the issue she had with your articles.

You are an ALLY…..duh!!

I mean, just because of your skin color or ethnicity, you are not qualified to write pieces of social justice and support the BlackLivesMatter cause? Really? Isn’t that what their platform is all about? Uniting, not separating?That’s a little racist if you ask me. And it kind of defeats the purpose of the articles you write.

Don’t let this nonsensical troll tell you other wise, her thought processes are twisted.

So does that mean that since two of my very best friends, an amazing couple, her from Tonga, him black and raised in the U.S., or that I’ve dated a couple of Black and Hispanic men (and a beautiful caring sexy-ass Asian man), or that I have other friends, acquaintances, or family members that are black, brown, or Asian, that because I’m white (actually 1/2 Yurok) that I can’t be an ally?! Nor can I write pieces of solidarity? That is royally fucked up!

Let me repeat that…

So because I am white….

means I cannot be an ally to my brothers and sisters of different skin colors? That I can’t write about the discrimination and social injustices they and their ancestors have faced for hundreds of years, and continue to face on a daily basis? That I can’t be an ally? Horse shit!

Am I not qualified simply because the color of my skin? That is quite Racist. Am I not qualified because I as a white woman, can never fully understand the plight of the marginalized? Excuse me? Ummmm….Ridiculous I say! Ridiculousness abounds!

How are we as a society ever going to overcome racism if we can’t even have a civil discourse about the issues?

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