I don’t know what to say, I don’t see people in color, I just see humans.
Hey jaden violet hunny. I’m sorry your feeling this way. I’m catching up.
Wild Flower

This absolutely does not make you ignorant. I think it makes you special. I write this because I am special too. I don’t know if my specialness comes from my experiences with people, or because I have great parents that taught me from day one to never judge anyone by the color of their skin, the languages they speak, the religion they practice, how much money they have, or where they were born. That there is only one way to “judge” other humans, and that is by the intentions in their hearts. This education of love for all has taught me well, and I thank my parents often for the way they raised my sisters and me. I have passed this education to me son, who is currently dating a black woman who I love very much, and he took it all to heart and has even helped some of his friends to open their hearts also. I don’t see skin color, I see fellow sisters and brothers, I see humans. Humans doing their best to wade through the shit handed down to us on a white platter. As much as it pains me, I cannot change the past, no one can. But what we can do is strip away the blinders: to finally see things as they are, to do everything within our power to help evoke change in perceptions of others, and teach our children that love and respect are colorblind. I do hope and pray everyday that change is on the way and we are heading on a path to heal the minds and hearts of those that have been stepped on, used and abused for far too long and for all the wrong reasons.

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