well… i don’t quite know how do i introduce my very first words on medium.. it ain’t about any “lets make world a better place” thing but just some feelings from the depths of a LEARNING HEART..

so here it goes….

Sometimes it happens..

when your eyes refuse to cry,

not because there’s no sorrow……

but because they’ve become numb..

numb to every emotion.

Sometimes it happens..

when your arms refuses to hold on,

not because they’re not strong enough..

but because they’ve lost faith in themselves.


what happens every time..

is that you wear a fake smile

while your insides don’t even know its definition..

You stare at everyone but you keep quiet,

because u know… no one’s gonna understand

because u know… the difference between “Sympathy” and “Care”

You try… You pretend…

that u don’t care as well..

but somewhere in the deep..u know..

you can’t be like everyone.

‘words’ still hurt you,

those ‘gazes’ still scares you..

‘pain’ still resides..

but you never let it show..

never ever let it show.. not even to yourself..

and just tell yourself…. “SOMETIMES IT HAPPENS”.

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