Open eyes..
What did they see?
Masks getting uncovered,
Open wounds flooding with blood of pain,
Ghosts of night in the light
Innocence being murdered

Feels like..
Better to close these eyes,
I wanna see.. the Dark now
It’s quiet..
Better to watch nothing

And let me sleep..
For a while
Let me close my eyes,
I can see my own world now,
Perhaps can find “the hidden”
AND..Don’t wake me up
Please.. don’t

Let me disappear in the dark,
Let me get frozen in the cold,
So no one can see me
So i can forget my existence for once
And forget all emotional games,
I was a defeated pawn of..

And before you come closer..
Just tell me
I know you don’t know..
And even if you do.. don’t tell me..
Just pass by quietly,
Watching me sleeping…

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