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De um dia para o outro a nossa relação com a tecnologia mudou drasticamente. Em 2015 quando comecei a trabalhar remotamente e a fazer cursos online, as pessoas duvidam da aprendizagem que eu estaria a absorver.

A pandemia do COVID-19 e a adaptação que tivemos que fazer nas nossas vidas, trouxeram uma aceitação do digital. Atingiu-se a realização pela qual muitos empreendedores, produtores de conteúdos e professores andam a “pregar” há anos: que sim, é possível aprender online.

É possível fazer cursos online que não só nos empoderam de conhecimento, como também nos ajudam a ter melhores trabalhos, melhores oportunidades e, em alguns casos, fazer mudanças nas nossas vidas. …

Changing your mind is one of the best things that can happen to human beings: we only change our minds when we come to know more and better, and knowing more is synonymous with knowledge.

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The book Full-Spectrum Thinking: How to Escape Boxes in a Post-Categorical Future by Bob Johansen, a researcher at the Institute For The Future, has been one of my best reads. I say “has been” because I am reading the book for the second time. …

Today, terms like remote work, videoconference, remote access, or tools like Zoom, Trello, or Slack are known by more people than ever. The current situation with the Covid-19 forced people to learn about many digital subjects.

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Recently, I did an exercise called Look Back to Look Forward. This technique was developed by the Institute For The Future and allows us to deconstruct the beliefs and visions that make us have a limited view of the future.

When we try to think about the future or answer the question “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, the visions we have and answers we give are based on things that happened to us. …

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I have been working remotely since 2015. At that time, when I decided I wanted to start working for myself, people looked at me as if I had gone crazy. Remote work? Are you crazy?

In the last five years, I dealt with several negative comments regarding the way I work, but I believe they were more correlated with doubts about remote work than with criticism per se.

Because of Coronavirus, remote work is a trending topic. I have been following this lately. I wanted to write, finally, an article about this.

Although I am a promoter of remote work and even have a project entitled Digital Nomadism in Portugal, I want to alert about the utopian scenario in which remote work is being projected. …

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I think it is crucial to talk about the future. Since I started studying Futurism with the specialization of the Institute For The Future, I take this topic very seriously. The learning I have done, both in Futurism and in ”learn how to learn,” has led me to work on several limitations that I had in my mind.

Before going to the “Future of Work” topic, let’s talk about the fact that we do not learn how to keep learning as adults. …

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Because with dogs, everything is better ~~ @Chantelle via Twenty20

I spent the first 19 years of my life not wanting to speak English.

I grew up speaking French and Portuguese at home. I wasn’t aware of how lucky I was to have the opportunity to take English classes at school. It was so arrogant of me, thinking that learning a third language was not worth the effort.

“I already know two languages, that’s enough. I don’t want to spend any time of my incredible life (#not) learning and studying another language.”

My English grades at school were awful. English was, after Math, my worst nightmare.

At 19, I decided to study and live alone in Paris. There, I developed a passion for travel. …

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By simbiothy via Envato Elements

As a technology enthusiast, I love testing new applications and tools — and I spend ~some~ money on paid app subscriptions.

I consider myself an early adopter (a person who adopts new products early and quickly), and almost every day, I check Product Hunt for some new cool apps.

In this article, I share the apps I will continue to pay in 2020.

And no, it’s not going to be only professional-business related apps. I will also share the ones that I use on my “personal” life.

Out of topic: It’s funny that when I started work on this article, I naturally separated the professional apps of the personal ones. One of the questions that I discussed a lot in the last few years, on the field of remote work, is the topic of “work-life balance.” In previous years, I made it pretty clear that I dislike this expression. But, on the other side, I automatically separated my personal and professional apps, like I had two different lives. Well… let’s continue. It’s a reflexion that I want to explore in another article, for sure. …

Social media are designed to be addictive. In this article, I’ll share with you what I learned by deleting Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest from my phone.

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October 2019. I realized that my productivity was being deeply affected by social media. Don’t get me wrong: I work with digital marketing, and I recognize the importance of social media. They’re useful and a crucial piece of our present. Social media allows a connection that few other platforms provide today.

I also know that when we get sucked by technology, it’s mostly our responsibility. …

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By Prostock-studio

Would you like to end 2020 with a job that motivates you every day? If the answer is a big yes, you have to start now. The begging of 2020 is the best “excuse” to start working for the professional life that you want to create.

In this article, I will share with you some strategies organized by the different months of the year so you can start your journey today. You should use these pieces of advice and adapt them to your life, routine, and goals.


Deconstruct your job so you can work from home whatever your field of expertise is.

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Working from home seems to be a desire for more and more people.

One of the things I hear a lot is: “Working as a remote worker or working from home is not for everyone.”

Work from home is for everyone?

I talked about this question in the interview with the journalist and radio host Ana Galvão on Rádio Renascença (if you understand Portuguese, you can listen to the interview clicking here).

I’m never tired of repeating that I believe that working from home and remotely is for all people (if they want to) and for all professional fields.

But saying this, it’s not the same as saying that every kind of work and task can be done from home. To clarify, professional fields and jobs are two different things. …


Krystel Leal

Portuguese living in Silicon Valley, California where she thinks a lot about the future. Content marketing remote freelancer and a lot of other things.

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