where is the media going?

It’s the question that’s in everyone’s minds: where is the media going?

Personally, I think finding out the answer may be a bit scary. In addition to the many accidents caused by people recklessly drinking and driving, we now have to worry about people texting and driving on top of that. We are bombarded daily with “fake news” when not too long ago this wasn’t an issue. Don’t get me wrong — I love media just as much as the next person Instagramming their Stella’s breakfast. I just hope it doesn’t get too out of hand.

On the positive side of things, I’m excited to see how social media evolves. Within the last few years, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube (just to name a few) have been added to the list of social media accounts you need to keep updated. Instagram has taken a note from Snapchat and added a stories feature to the app. And I must admit it’s much easier to post a photo and a story in one app rather than doing it separately. Maybe someday there will be a way to update them all at once. Because after all — if you don’t post about it, it never really happened, right?

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