Millennials Making Moves

Photo by the wonderful Victoria Alvarez.

Although we have constantly been evolving through the many years of existence, I feel as though we are going through our greatest time of change. I cannot help but notice it seems like a worldly revolution occurring, but I am sure it is happening right here in our country.

With the results of our most recent election, it has become more than apparent that the evolution is present and ready to make its mark. The reason I bring up the election is because it created a visual for the age range voting democratic vs republican. The 18–25 year old demographic is evolving into a care free, accepting group. The millennials are finally stepping up to the age where they are capable of using their voices and they are not scared to do so!

I tried my hardest to avoid the topic of politics by all means but it seemed like every question I asked on the topic of counter culture tended to veer towards politics. I can’t blame them, it was hard coming up with questions avoiding the topic to be quite frank. That is why I decided to address the topic right away, kill the anticipation of somewhere we all saw this heading anyway. I’ll set it aside for now though.

It seems as though the younger generation is evolving into some skate, punk, hippie era, but I am not including every millennial in that label. I have interviewed may people on the topic of counter culture and I have discovered that no matter where the interviewees lied on the spectrum of labels, they all felt out of place. We have been privileged yet cursed by the birth of technology and social media, we are now able to voice our opinions and expresses our beliefs much easier, faster, and to a wider demographic. The more than obvious issue being that some people have a harder time accepting opinions that are opposite or different from their own. Especially in times like these where are two major political party representatives and supporters are extremists on complete opposite ends. With the news of the election being so fresh and the protests and support rallies still in full affect (some becoming violent), it is hard not to point fingers at who to blame for differences.

We are in a day and age where there is so much diversity and rebellion among us that it seems hard to find one major idealistic culture to follow. Each and every day we are paving a new path, each one incredibly different and never seen before. Millennials are not scared to rebel and do not worry about the consequences from the opposing group. While interviewing one of my managers at Active Ride Shop, he said something that, in my opinion, accurately described the resilience of these young millennials and the pride in who they are.

“They have this fuck it attitude that you can’t help but draw your attention towards…they don’t even care if you’re paying attention or not because they’ll do it anyways”.
Photo by yours truly.

As I interviewed people I saw a reoccurring theme of subliminal bias in each person’s answers. They would talk down on people with opposing opinions without even noticing and without even directly shutting them down. A man I interviewed at a small tea shop in Claremont, California, who had asked for his name not to be mentioned, showed some of the strongest subliminal biases, and it seemed as though he did not even notice the words flying out of his mouth.

“Millennials just want the easy way out and don't want to work as hard for what they want, it seems so at least…they seem quiet lazy to be honest”.

So I found myself thinking, “if you feel left out from the opposing demographic, the why do you close yourself off their opinions/beliefs/practices”? I am not saying one must admire each and every opinion, but to at least respect its existence and give it an honest shot before shutting it down over something like being different than them. Everyone is too busy trying to blame everyone for social issues that they are living an unfulfilled life.

We are living in a world where one of my friends was denied from a military service due to the visibility of the corner of his tattoo, on that note a world where we feel the need to have armed men constantly ready to attack and kill, a world I am constantly challenged on my capabilities because of the simple fact that I am a girl, a world where some of my friends feel belittled by others because they are people of color, a world where one of my closest family friends is scared to go to the people that birthed him to tell them that he is gay. As if any of this affects anyone besides the person taking the blame for everything.

Each generation has seem a more care free, younger generation. This is nothing new, it is just new to these particular people who do feel threatened by millennials and how much power is seems they have. When interviewing “cold-hearted liberal” Ramsey, of the millennial movement, he pointed out that this has happened each time a new generation comes of age.

“History repeats itself, which is now obvious to us, especially in terms of social change…we have seen this before”.
Photo by yours truly.

Our younger “counter culture” generation support these people that express what they enjoy. They seem to be the most care free, politically correct, and least judgmental group the nation has seen yet. I can’t help but admire how far the outcasts and misfits have come, they are becoming the majority and standing strong for what they believe in. Though these people are labeled as “unorthodox” and “uncultured”, it seems as though they appear to be the groups that are willing to acknowledge and accept each culture instead of closing their minds off.

Photo by Adam Munoz.

With this brings us to the touchy subject of religion. Another topic that seemed impossible to avoid. There has been a large decrease in the amount of people practicing their religions (especially Christianity which used to be much more popular in the U.S.), the amount of people who believe in God, and an increase in the amount of religions in the nation due to vast diversity. A lot of people I have spoken with blame the uprising of rebellion (not in a negative context) and counter culture for lack of desire to practice religion. People seem to forget that science is ever evolving and constantly providing new answers for previous unexplained questions (such as evolution itself). Technology and discovery are molding the minds around us (us meaning I feel somewhat a part of this change) and the diversity among us is allowing us to transform into these open minded geniuses that the world is not used to.

Loving what you care about is so important, but respecting what others love is equally as, if not more important with the amount of diversity we will encounter within our lifetime. Accepting differences is the first step to desegregation of traditional and counter culture groups. There is much more improvement to come and we must stand by our word and share our voice as individuals who express ourselves through clothing, education, and music.

I hope to see the nation’s youth continue to evolve into accepting community with everything going on. We must remove the miscommunication and hate towards one another to help better the relationship and we must do what we can to satisfy all and we should not settle for anything short of that. We live with each other and people should not be belittled because no one is going anywhere.

Stand your ground misfits, wear the name proud. This generations is stirring things up and causing movement. They are scared because they see it is effective. It is something investing time in it. Millennials are a brand new voice, and A LOUD ONE AT THAT!!

A photo of my millennial, liberal friend not giving a fuck, by yours truly. xoxo.