Krystina Alfonso

Free-lance photographer.

Maryland Wedding Weekend

Around the beginning of September we got an invitation in the mail for a wedding. I was excited to see that it was from a family friend i hadn’t seen in 4 years.

Big Bear weekend trip.

My family went up to big bear for the weekend & we had a blast! I took a bunch of pictures since we were only there for 3 days.

Third Coast x Composure x Bite Back tour.

I was excited to find out my friends in Third Coast were coming down from texas to play a show in california. They had been on tour for 2 weeks with…

Trip Out Fest

How can i put this show into words. I’m not sure how i can but i’ll do my best. I had been waiting for this show for a LONG time. When i heard about it i wanted to spread the good…

Prom 2k14.

My little sister asked me to take pictures of her getting ready for prom, i.e hair, makeup, her group, etc. I was up for the challenge!

SUCH A MESS CD Release Show

I love shooting CD release shows for bands, especially when said band are some of my good friends. SUCH A MESS are one of the first bands that i became friends…

Trying out a new blogging site.

I tried using the blog ‘virb’ gives you, but i just don’t like it all that much. I’m going to try this out & see if i like it better.