I’m tired of this shit here..

I can’t stand when a guy to which you don’t know and don’t know you, ask certain questions like… rub my head for me, or do you give massages or ever do you cook…

Yes.. I do all of that and some..

But not for your random ass.. like really ? You think I’m suppose to give you what I’m saving for my King! Oh you don’t believe I do those things bc I’m not exemplifying these attributes now for you.. lol

My dear I don’t need to show you what I can offer bc I don’t plan to offer these goodies to you. Yeah, yeah, yeah.. you need proof. Well the proof is all of this isn’t for you.

Your not him. So you will never have the chance to experience my soothing touch, my properly seasoned meals or the depths of my warm moist walls… nope not you.

But for my King…

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