Patiently Patient.

Keeping it tight for you.. sealed up until you arrive. I’m patient. Marinating, simmering…Fuck it! I can’t wait until the day my king comes for me. So much inside of me that’s ready to be revealed. But only for you. I’m ready to be the full woman I’ve been keeping concealed. No one is tasting this..

I’m so ready to be your freak! My HARD working man.. I’m keeping the house clean and comfortable, feeding you with food and love. You handsome man you.. I’ll wait for you.. with wild thoughts going through my mental. Wanting to feel your strong touch caressing my back. Pulling me in close to you, I can feel your heart beat.. The rhythm of your breathing is moistening my walls. Your full lips grazes my erect nipples, causing my body to to shift into ecstasy. You travel down to the path of my garden. I want you so bad.. I can feel the stiffness of your shaft brush up against my thigh..

To be continued…

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