The drive between Las Vegas and Hamilton, Montana is roughly 17 hours, which turned out to be 2 days of weighing in on my past. present, and future. It was a beautifully introspective start to my journey; to have uprooted myself, but had a solid period where it almost felt like everything froze, but me and my thoughts.

During a pit stop, I got out of the car and experienced what zen buddhists refer to as satori. Satori is defined as sudden enlightenment or seeing into ones true nature. I felt everything so much more deeply. All of my senses were heightened. I just stood there gazing at a snow capped mountain in awe of all of the beauty that surrounded me and all of the sensations I hadn’t felt in so long because I had been so clouded by my own thoughts and worries and emotional strife. I had left with the idea of this being a couple week reprieve to gain understanding of what life has thrown at me and my purpose, but as soon as I stepped out of the car I knew I needed to commit to an open ended stay until my soul guided me to what was next.

Two days of challenging drives with 2 small children later we arrived. Though I knew my living arrangement and surroundings were going to be challenging, as it was something I never particularly wanted, I dove in full force. I knew in that moment that the only way I was going to grow and be happy was to accept what is and utilize every benefit and obstacle as a tool to build myself from the ground up into everything I had ever imagined and more. And I did.