America is Constipated

Mr. Dump was a egotistical older man with a ashy taupe, tater tot fingers and a complexion that resembled a oompa loompa. He had many critics who thought of as haters. He didn't care about his looks he was rich and considered himself a playboy. He never his impure and vulgar ways, he felt untouchable as he would through walk New York City singing

“Graab Themm By The Puuussy”

His narcissistic ways were far from humble, he believed the world revolved around him. Instead of taking ownership of his mistakes he would divert and tell disinformation. From being conservative or orthodox he gained many unseasoned die hard followers.

Everybody loved Mr. Dump because he said things no out thinking without any disregard. It was no hard for Dump to influence these oblivious people who you could consider as white bread. They shared the same racist, unethical, and Make America Great Again views.

Christians were deceived greatly misled. The propaganda for Trump was directed toward the Christian faith. Not seeing he was an imposter they also blindly followed throwing away morals and becoming wicked.

Not true followers of Christ weren't misled by Dump. Me being one of them I will never change my faith for an imposter. In the bible these things GOD warned people about. They ignored his behavior and evilness for the great deceiver.

We can be sure of one thing the residents of trailer parks around the country were out voting and also Dussians.The white trash community were particularly joyous when they heard the news of Dump winning. They dusted of their white robes and started hoedowning in trailer parks all over.

They didn’t care if a man named Puta influenced Americans. They happy to have this seed of Satan in office. They ready to build that wall, lock Hillary up, keep their military weapons, oppress women and minorities, and finally to walk around in the open spewing hate and racism.

Unfortunately, Dumplets were being brainwashed by twitter and Facebook. Of coarse if you enjoy white supremacist content they are going to go off your content and make tons of fake pages sponsored by Puta himself. Even seeing that there fake friends were disappearing and the security alerts they still did not believe it and kept their eyes glued to Fox News and Mr. Dumps twitter.

Majority of America was affected by the ability of Puta to infiltrate our democracy. Many have argued online with a troll whose main job was to psychologically fuck a lot of people. They made fake BLM and extreme right wing pages and had had a mast following. A lot of Americans personal data was stolen. They made Americans hate each other rather than great. Many conservatives still believe this fake news. Internet research and Cambridge Analytical were two found so far and indicted.

Mr. Dump practices his distraction of the masses pretty well the same techniques from the bad guy in Germany Hitler. Perfecting it everyday to be a powerful dictator. Dump threatens aka pretends to go to war with his best friend Puta. I’m sure they laugh at all us frivolous specimen in the world not knowing what will happen next. He loves to scare people and dramatize things that he can fix himself it's called heroism syndrome. This means he is looking for recognition and seek to be the hero. He thinks well at least i saved y'all from Putas possible nuclear attack. To be a hero you would have to do something heroic not a lying coward.

Im sure the crazed are melting over this. Puta, Mr. Dump, Assad and Netanyahu all take turns murdering innocent Syrian people. All are war criminals. There is a massive genocide happening in Syria. I don't care what religion you are GOD doesn't not condone killing innocent people. The people who colonized Israel in the 1940s are not even israelites they zionist jews who are eastern Europe. The canaanites god punished by GOD and went to the caucasus mountain because they were evil. That land is free to anybody because the israelites aren't there yet. True followers of GOD knows he loves all people.

I never in my life seen the KKK walk around proudly screaming white power until Mr. Dump was in office. Somehow the laughed at the girl who was ran over in Charlottesville, Va by a white supremacist. We know all the racist people in the country now. They protect hold a Confederate statue with their life that’s how much they miss slavery.

We are in a downward spiral and if you're not deceived you can see that. Christians filled with evil and hate are going to have to pay when it's time. Saying you're christian and then doing and saying evil things are going against everything GOD said. Just treat people with respect and stop the hatred.

This is the beginning of the end.

I see things in people perspectives so I don't judge. I am no political party. Any opinion I have of anybody is based of their actions. Free your mind