Ashland, OR

October 8–9, 2015

This is the end of the third week of a family road trip we took one year ago. I recommend you start at the beginning.

After a great week in Sonoma County, we were going to stay with another lovely family in Portland, OR. We weren’t quite ready to subject the kids to a 10–11 hour drive, so we aimed for Ashland, OR simply because it was a little more than halfway.

This leg of the journey is bookended by two fan-boy stops. The first was on our way out of town, I stopped at Amy’s Drive Thru.

I really wanted to like their burrito more than Rubio’s/Chipotle/etc…

It was fine [shrug].

But hey — I got to try it out :)

The first chunk of driving out of Sonoma was a long and winding road through beautiful forest. It was slower than interstate driving, but stunning — especially for this desert rat.

As we continued north, there was a stretch of unflattering highway, then the trees began to change and we got beautiful views of Shasta Lake and Mount Shasta (windshield spots notwithstanding).

We stretched our legs and took in a sunset that made this rest stop seem somehow far more magical…

…crossed the border into Oregon (only our third state so far), and got settled into our hotel room.

Coming from Arizona, I’m always fascinated by how well flowers grow pretty much everywhere else we go.

And coming from Arizona, it always seems like a good time to swim to our girls. I wasn’t going anywhere near it, but hey, it’s what they wanted to do.

After drying off, warming up, and a delightful continental breakfast, we hit the road.

Friends of ours got the girls iPod shuffles right before we left. This is just one small sample of the many headphone singalongs.

Grants Pass is probably the only town in America where Dutch Bros locations outnumber Starbucks 4:1

I mentioned two fanboy stops. Well when I saw that our trip would take us past a little town called Grants Pass, Oregon… I knew I HAD to stop at the original Dutch Bros location.

It was everything I hoped it would be. If you frequent Dutch, your expectation of the kinds of employees I would find here are probably spot on. :)

We pulled into Portland that evening. This was a fun drive and a nice reset between two weeks packed full of fun and activities.

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