Why Is Syria Hell on Earth? Here’s The Ugly but True Answer…
Zaron Burnett III

how do you know the dead son would not do the same? so pure bullshit? you cant know, because you cant, even you dont understand that you cant.

Sci-Fi stories, its what you are telling and not journalism.

how naive is it to think, that just one side is wrong and the other is super doing fine? do you call the ISS an angel, that assad try to get rid off?

and of course there are casaulties. Because its WAR, stupid!

How naive is it to think, that a treaty made 100 years ago is responsible for the problems have to be solved today?

Didnt you follow the Israel confict? Arabs trying to kill Jews the last 50 years? Thats your angels you try to protect?

Do you seriously believe what you write, because its like for me and all the others, like stupid propaganda against the west and others, instead of solving problems or look at yourself and the people, you call the good guys.

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