America’s Deep State Power Struggle Is At Its Most Interesting Point Yet
Caitlin Johnstone

Hi Caitlin!

Could you pay attention to Robert D. Steele & Cynthia McKinney #UNRIG Campaign? They have a detailed plan how to bring the deep state down and the deep state is already trying to stop them. Here is excerpt from their update:” Our enemies mounted a successful campaign to close down our MeetUp account and not just delete our 435 MeetUps, but ban us for life from MeetUp (without discussion, without due process, without explanation). This can only be explained by the reality that our effort to restore integrity to our government is very threatening to the Deep State and we are finally gaining enough traction to be worthy of digital assassination. The Trust Team at Generosity is to be commended for not terminating our righteous campaign, they properly evaluated and rejected an earlier attempt to close us down by a mentally disturbed individual who orchestrated numerous emails alleging that Dr. Cynthia McKinney and I (Robert Steele) are frauds, con artists, scammers, etcetera. Our budget to date and our planned budget remain transparently online here:”.

We should support them.

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