Why IT workers , particularly software developers need not to go to office

why do we go to office if we are working in IT, specially if we are a developer?

we have distributed source control system to access code, we have tools like slack , skype and gotomeeting , trello , jira etc etc.. Why on the earth we need to commute? why grind ourselves ?

is there some kind of tradition that will keep the companies ahead of the competition if all employees come to office? Do we actually need an office to work ?

world is changing every day. The nature of work is changing. AI is bringing a revolution. And you are asking developers to work from office because of what? such managers dont have any tangible reason who try to force this .

remote working is becoming a norm very quickly and those who wont adopt it , will stay behind the competition. Offices are becoming obsolete and desks are being ditched to avoid the cost. Internet based apps help people take the calls anywhere and be omnipresent, irrespective of where they are.

creativity get killed because of commute, fatigue and unnecessary pressure. Save your employees and profit — Go Remote

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