Further Understanding of Tourette Syndrome through Discussion: Thoughts from a Parent and Advocate…
TMI: Tourette Mama Insights

I can totally relate to this! My 13 year old daughter has TS, as well as ADHD and anxiety. And while she doesn’t have a diagnosis of OCD, she does have some OCD-type thoughts and behaviors. The spectrum aspect is dead on — in many respects, including the ADHD and the OCD. My daughter has managed to morph her tics into things that are unnoticeable and/or common behaviors. For example, currently, she will open her eyes wide and move her eyes around. I generally have to give a head’s up to people that “she’s not really rolling her eyes at you!” It’s so hard to explain to people who don’t live with it. Thank you for sharing your “confessions, opinions and ponderings”! This mama definitely appreciates it!

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