Being in high school’s a unique experience. You’re shoved into a building with vast number of people that are around your age. It is sometimes rough to find people that you feel comfortable talking to. With this being the first week of school, many teachers plan games or assignments in order to encourage their students to engage with their peers. In my creative writing class, we were assigned a get-to-know-you exercise, in which we were told to ask our partners questions that will allow us to dig deep, in turn, getting to know each other better.

My partner was Josh. I hadn’t spoken to him much in the past, but I found out that we shared a common interest in art. When I asked him if he’d like to be famous one day, he said, “Um… I think that that would be kind of cool. Not like super famous. That would be annoying, I think, but I think it would be cool to be famous for drawing, just ’cause I think that’s really… interesting, and I think getting fanart of characters would be cool too.” His response to a question about his perfect day shared the same theme, “Umm… I dunno. I guess, sort of, a day where I get to pretty much draw the whole day, and where I get to eat food that I like, and that’s all I do the entire day because I’m, like, a really picky eater, so it’s like all food that I like in one day. That’s like a shocker.” Who wouldn’t want to spend a day like that? It sounds perfect.

I didn’t only find out about his interests; I also found that Josh has a profound respect for his family. When asked what he was most grateful for, he said, “Umm… This is cheesy, but probably my family. My family is really supportive. Especially ’cause I’m someone who wants to do art, that can be weird for a lot of families, but my family’s really supportive with that, so I’m really grateful about that.” It is very respectable that Josh has such a strong idea of what he values in life.

This assignment was a pleasant opportunity to get to know an interesting person in my class just a little bit better than I had just a few days ago.