On A Desk, In A Bag, In A Case

The potential is built up when it is not skating around. It is waiting for its controller to feel the urge to pick it up. Bursting with ideas to soon be released, it waits on a desk, in a bag, in a case. The insides, like an unborn child, filled with an infinite number of opportunities. The walls surrounding the delicate center create an extensive protective barrier, only to be broken down when its commander wills the walls to come crumbling down.

Just one finger brushing against the smooth neck can be the key that unlocks the ravaged beast: restless after being pent-up. As it sees that it is free from its constraints, it tosses and turns through the mind, breaking through all of the senses. Wreaking havoc on anything in its way, the beast dominates the mind. Ideas flow through the mind and body, out through the confident movement of the wrist. The tool is like a wand to an expert wizard, obeying its master’s will to create.

Lines upon lines begin to pile, and shapes upon shapes start to form. The marks on paper act as fuel to keep up the motion of the graphite. As the clock continues to tick, the space continues to become more crowded. The lines, letters, numbers, and shapes begin mingling in a dance of their own; finding their rightful place in their world of beautiful chaos.

The wizard is bound to use up all of his magic that is available for the day, so he must eventually lay his weapon of choice down to rest. Locking up all of the beasts that had roamed free within the constraints of his own mind a couple of moments ago, he places it back on a desk, in a bag, in a case. The potential is still there; it is never too late.