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Live the night with Yummynights ….

All night food delivery food at midnight just got easier with Yummynights providing late night food delivery Gurgaon city. Catering to those who are regularly pulling all-nighters, midnight food delivery system, Yummynights, is an online food ordering portal for the one who craves for a delicious bite but hesitates to step out. The is a click away from mouth-watering midnight food. Having someone cook you exactly what you want and then night food delivery to you exactly where you´re sitting in the darkest hours of night is an experience that can´t be described in words.

Unsettling midnight food cravings… All food joints shut down… The fact is more disquieting when you just returned home at late night- after a meeting, shift duty, business trip or vacations. But we have the solution … late night food in gurgaon.

Besides taking online food order they use their online page for customers’ feedback. Orders are also received through WhatsApp and over telephone.

On weekends the business peaks between 2am and 5am and on weekdays between 10pm and 2am.

The median dish is priced at Rs450. Burgers and Noodles are the most frequent orders, but the menu includes North Indian, Chinese and continental food as well as a indian food home delivery combination platter.

More than 60 per cent of take away restaurants in the Gurgaon stay open through the night. While most of these restaurants deliver food in the sector 56 areas, a few also offer service to their clientele in sector 40.

Catering mostly to students, prices are comparatively lowerat this midnight food delivery in gurgaon. Or partying on weekends and out of munchies or smoke at 1 a.m… go for online food gurgaon. All we yearn at those times is of an alchemy …that could appease our need of the hour… so here we are …. is your all time midnight food partner especially for indian food home delivery!

Now find More Reasons to Party and place online food order!! Yummynights is a late night food delivery gurgaon catering to the needs of Gurgaonites all night when the city is sleeping. We open late in the night and deliver whatever midnight food you require during the course of the night.Tell us what you need through online food ordering, we’ll give late night food delivery to you when no one else can! Late night animals, not very good at what we do, we just wish to ensure that Gurgaon’s nights are always alive, for us and everyone else!!!! Gurgaon, Live the Night Now!

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