Throughout the month of June, we hosted Salons in NYC with important artists that are redefining tradition and what it means today.

Company formation (n, m): the term for the process of incorporation of a business. It is also sometimes referred to as company registration.

I’m proud to introduce Stellar Formation, a website made to help you form your US company (Inc. or LLC) in minutes, clear and simple.

Starting your US business is now easy, educational and fast

This is a new Stellar Base project.

As a repeat founder, I’ve been through incorporations. I’ve worked with expensive lawyers, cheap lawyers and online services. The problem, always, is this: once my company is set up, I still don’t understand how it works.

The education is missing. When you start a business, you…

Since the early days, we have been excited about making the art market fast, secure and fair. We imagined a world were the best works of art do not come with opaque fees and inflexible auction schedules, but are available directly from a website at any time for a 10% fee.

Harder, better, faster, stronger

Today, just in time for Frieze Art Fair and 3 months since our launch, we are thrilled to announce a major update for ArtList, which takes us one step closer to our vision.

🎉 Happy 250th birthday!

Christie’s and Sotheby’s are 250 years old companies that control in duopoly roughly 2/3 of the global secondary art market. They’ve been a duopoly for so long that they’re missing the revolution that will make them irrelevant.

Christie’s and Sotheby’s are the major players in the secondary art market globally. When you are buying an artwork from another collector, second-hand, you’re buying on the secondary art market, as opposed to the primary market (buying work first hand from the artist or his gallery).

“There is something really shocking about the amount” — Gerhard Richter.

Here’s why Christie’s and Sotheby’s don’t contribute to culture and why this will change.

“Abstraktes Bild” appreciated by 5,000 times since it was sold by the artist. The artist got close to 0 from its sale.

Abstraktes Bild by Gerhard Richter

The secondary contemporary art market is booming. Price records are routinely broken. You could argue this is great news for the art market and artists in general because this means more people are spending more money acquiring works of art. But does it really trickle down?

Reacting to the recent $46.3 million hammer…

An artist whose work is featured on ArtList wrote us a message

Hi Astrid,

How am I to keep records of the work being sold on your website anonymously without info? Will you send me the details of who is selling the work and when it is sold I will need to know for how much and to whom?

Thank you,


Here is our answer

Dear ▒▒▒,

Thank you for your question. I wanted to give you some more background about who we are and what we believe in when it comes to privacy.

ArtList is an online marketplace…

Illustration: Yayoi Kusama. White Infinity Nets, At Victoria Miro Gallery.

In short: first tier artwork by established artists, listed at the right price, and for which provenance and condition can be traced. If you own artwork like this, you can submit it for sale on ArtList.

In the interest of transparency, here are the criteria we use to decide which artwork we will accept.


  • Contemporary Period (1940 to today)
  • The Artist should either (a) have a traceable secondary market, with several works already presented at a major auction house or (b) be represented by an established art gallery (view our list) or (c) have a strong demand on primary market…

Andy Warhol, 1958 by Duane Michals

A few days ago we introduced ArtList to the public. Here is our mission and the values we stand by:

Our mission is to make buying and selling unique artwork fast, secure and fair.

1. Give privacy.

At ArtList, we understand the art market needs a place to do business privately. Our unique technology allows you to buy and sell artwork privately — you get to decide who you want to deal with. You can rest assured we never share your personal information with anyone — unless you ask us to.

For full details, please see our Privacy Policy.

2. Be fair to artists.

Shouldn’t artists make money when their work is resold? We know auction houses don’t care too much for…

Introducing ArtList.

As a general rule, if you like getting things done and happen to be an art collector, then you probably don’t like auction houses. By any measure, they are slow, expensive and tough to deal with. They’re also unfair to artists.

A growing number of you discover art through email, SMS or Instagram — and even feel confident making financial decisions based on JPEGs and conversation with sellers you can trust.

Still — there’s no good way online to buy or sell fine art on the secondary market. We think it’s time.

ArtList: buy fine art from peers, confidentially and instantly.

ArtList offers something no other art…

D-day is getting closer.

Why is it that only 5% of the art market has moved online?

Here are a few things that we’ve learned about the art world and why it is hard to move online. However, this is changing fast.

In the past 2 years, we have built Gertrude, helped by a global community of curators and collectors who made it a place to learn, discuss and collect contemporary art. We’re now hosting Salons in 7 cities globally, with more to come.

In the art market, you need to trust people

Stakes are just too high. This holds true whether you are active on the primary market (buying work first hand from the artist or his gallery), or the secondary market (buying from another collector, second-hand).

You need to trust the person you are buying from (is this the right price? is it authentic? is it in good condition? is it even by…

Kenneth Schlenker

Entrepreneur, formerly @Bird, founder @stellarbaseinc, @artformco and chief host @gertrwde

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