#3 Daily Log, Building Kiln and Bricks

Huh, Tough day, So turns out that I scored around 80% this semester. Anyway moving on Its like the nᵗʰ time I have had to redesign and implement my days worth of work because of my ignorance towards planning stuff beforehand. I thought it was a good idea to use dynamic evaluation in Python to build the Brick classes (the basic representative units to build the Message strings based on the protocol) using the doc strings, Apparently now I feel its too much of unwanted complexity, So I decided to rewrite all of those classes to expose the type strictness directly using callable returning functions and therefore decided to call the module that holds those units as kiln, you now cause….

This is how I planned it should work until today
This is how its done now since today and also string(), integer(), opt() and klass() are parts of kiln module

And apart from that I plan to be consistent with the PEP Style Guide, (I depend on pylint on Sublime to help me with that).