7 Tips to Help You Remember New Words in English

Learning a new language may seem like an impossible task, especially learning a complex language like English. However, with the right techniques, learning new words in English is fun and in fact, manageable. A huge part of learning a new language is the memorizing new words. It seems too difficult to accomplish but it’s very easy to enrich your vocabulary. So in this post we bring you some fun tips to learn new English words:

new words in english

Look it up in the dictionary

Whenever you come across a word that you’re unfamiliar with, try and look up what it means. You can ask someone who knows the language or pick up a dictionary. This way, you’ll know the meaning in your own language and remember it in the future.

Use the words often

Remembering a new word for a few minutes is easy. But remembering it after one day, or even a week is more difficult. Do you want to know the trick to remember words for a longer period of time? Use it often. Use it in a sentence. Try to construct a meaningful sentence — unique and something memorable. Try to picture it while you’re using it in a sentence. This will help you retain the information. Moreover, try telling a story with different forms of the word you’re trying to remember. You can find it difficult to remember a list, but a story can be easy to recall.

Phrases and different forms of words

Instead of memorizing a bunch of random English words, try out some phrases and learn them. For instance, if you want to learn the word “gorgeous” try “gorgeous lady”. This way, you’ll remember the meaning or essence of the word rather than simply memorizing the word on its own.

If you have a bigger picture, you can understand the language more. Try to get a list of the verb tenses to see the other forms of the word you’re trying to memorize.

Speak in English

Learning actively is one effective way to learn English quickly. Instead of just listening or reading, try to speak, read, write, and listen. After writing down what the word means, tell someone about the new word. Talk to someone and use the word. You can also teach someone about the new word you’ve learned. These will all help you expand your vocabulary.

Are you nervous about trying out a new word? You can practice at home first. Try recording yourself and explaining the new word on your phone before you try telling someone else.

Games and technology

Playing games is a good way to help build understanding. This technique works for some people. Try writing words on flashcards and test yourself by making a sentence using each word. You can also describe the meaning of the word to a friend who hasn’t seen the flashcard.

You can also take advantage of technology to record a voice message or a video to a friend, speaking English. You can also record your conversation with a native speaker and listen to it.

Never quit

Trying to do so much in a short span of time can just overwhelm you. As a result, you’ll easily lose interest. Try to learn 8 new words per week and master them. You don’t have to be perfect at one try. English speakers also make mistakes. Set yourself some goals and stick to the plan. The key is to never give up!

Get some sleep

Studies show that it will help you learn something new if you sleep within few hours of learning new words? This helps you remember what you’ve just learned. This is just another great reason to practise new words before bedtime! Your brain will do the work while you’re sleeping. When you wake up the next day, try to refresh your memory and review those words again.

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Originally published at KSE Academy | Academia de inglés.

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