On the Importance of Technical Communication

One of my friends has mentioned that he wanted to get into programming so that he wouldn’t need to interact much with people at work. If this is a stereotype that some have of programmers, then why is technical communication worth learning from the beginning?

First, let’s define technical communication. It is the way to talk or write about technical, scientific and engineering information (e.g. code) …and do programmers do this daily? Yes!

At a closer look, any software developer would benefit greatly from being able to communicate with others about their craft — from whiteboarding in front of your (possible) future boss in an interview, to discussing new project ideas, their implementation, debugging… the list goes on. What if you’ve built an awesome new dev tool and need to inform the community about it?

All of these events require that you express your knowledge in a way that another person will readily understand. Even something as seemingly minor as posting a question to Stack Overflow requires technical communication skills — check out this how-to page describing the best way to do it. There are also plenty of other resources online that help develop this set of skills.

I hope at this point we all agree on that effective communication with other humans is highly relevant, even in the tech field. I encourage you to pay attention to how you interact with your peers and colleagues, and keep improving the quality of these interactions!