Something good :)

I just want to remind that I wrote before the inauguration of Trump:

“For example, recently we received an official confirmation of the information that General Michael Flynn, who is a national security adviser to Trump, was in constant contact with the Russian ambassador to the United States in recent weeks. In this case, inevitably there are people wondering why, if the president can bow before the Russian leader in the period of maximum confrontation between the two countries, and his assistants are constantly in the Russian embassy, ​​can not they do the same?

And in the same article, I gave an answer to this question:

“In addition to its institutions, the US system also has a high degree of inertia, and it still applies to both its foreign and domestic policy Changes.” At the top “are unlikely to reach ordinary citizens quickly — to the chagrin of everyone who would like to repeat the “feat” of Michael Flynn”.

But the situation turned out to be even better than I expected. The system has proven effective not only at the lowest level but at the top. Most of the US media and experts believe that the investigation would not end by the resignation of Flynn. This means we still have a chance :)