True love

Do you know what love is?

I can’t tell that I do, though I definitely felt this strange kind of feeling once or twice in my life. But it is not why I’m writing this article.

For me this subject was always a difficult one, for I have not been engaged in “true love” for a long time. Those whom I loved didn't even know it, those who loved me (not so many of them) were neglected by me. Every time there was a mismatch between my desires and the real world.

I am a proud jerk, so being rejected once I never try to rebuild the relationship or continue the intercourse. Some people fight for their love, but not me, it’s not in my nature.

Don’t know how, however, I was blessed with the knowledge of true love. She was the one who believed in me, who praised me with her smile every time I looked at her, who I wanted to be as close as possible to, for she was the sunny sky of my dark life.

She never understood that, for sure. And I hated her, and blamed her, and tried to vanish her from my life. But suddenly I began to grasp the striking fact — I loved her no matter what. Despite I knew she could easily forget me, despite she never let me express my love in its fullest.

This is what a true love is — you love without being needy for the answer. You love every bit of the details related to her. Your heart is filled with joy when she calls you. You don’t need anything from her — you just love her.

I’m indeed a very happy soul — I know the person who can lift my heart up with her only smile. I blame her no more — I’m grateful for every moment she spent with me.
This is a true love.

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