What huh? Of course those things are horrible, but so less violent forms of sexism are okay?
Sherry Kappel

No, as usual, being a leftist female, you’re looking at everything upside down. Those “less violent forms of sexism” are nothing. Repeat: Nothing. They are not “sexism.” You know how you guys are always lecturing us that “political correctness” is just “politeness” and not, you know, fascist thought and speech control? Well, in reality, “opening a door for a woman” is… politeness!

Oh, and “privilege”? That too:

So what you’re saying is that women in backward countries are lucky because at least they “know what they’re up against” as compared to poor lowly Western females who get free education and affirmative action and get to run for public office and drive cars and where rape is an actual CRIME. Yes, knowing what they are up against has certainly helped their situation.

First of all, the “wage gap” is a myth. Women earn less because they accept less money and work suckier jobs for fewer years. You didn’t get the promotion because you kept having to run off to take your kid to the doctors or whatever, while single childless men and women picked up the slack. You made your choice and actions have consequences. You don’t get to have it all. Really, you sound like a hysterical female, like the nanny in The Turn of the Screw, seeing “patriarchal” phantoms everywhere. It’s someone else’s fault when you fail?

You live in your head, in a world of imaginary slights and problems, while millions of other women face ACTUAL danger hour on hour. It’s safer and more fun, in a sick way, to live the way you do; you get the little thrill of feeling like a victim, get to kid yourself that you’re oh so brave, battling the great battle of the Door Opening. But you are just being neurotic and self-absorbed. Spare me your First World Problems.

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