Free Speech and Hate Speech
Yonatan Zunger

Please provide examples from the real world in which these words have been uttered:

(But “You are subhuman and nothing you say has any meaning, because of your intrinsic foolishness” isn’t part of any debate. “I think you and your family should be killed.” / “I disagree!” is definitely not a debate. No new knowledge comes out of it.)

You can’t.

Let’s look at some real life examples of what you and your friends consider “hate speech”:

Mark Steyn writes a magazine article quoting a number of Muslim leaders and scholars, vowing to establish a caliphate in the West (which would make the Handmaid’s Tale look like Disneyland) by a combination of violence and having more children than non-Muslims. He is taken to a number of “Human Rights” tribunals — by Muslims and their leftwing sympathizers like you—which costs the magazine $2m. He’s acquitted of, I’ll repeat, the “crime” of accurately quoting the inconvenient, unpleasant words of others, but “the process is the punishment” because it goes on for years and wastes everyone’s time (along with taxpayer dollars.)

Ezra Levant becomes one of the only publishers in the world to publish the so-called “Mohammed cartoons,” AFTER these widely misreported cartoons had prompted Muslims to kill people. (After other Muslims put incendiary cartoons in with the original, boring ones). In other words, he is illustrating a news story WITH THE ACTUAL NEWS. A Muslim takes him to a “human rights tribunal” and Levant spends 900 days and hundreds of thousands of dollars defending his right to report the news. He wins but see above.

The only people who EVER suffer over “hate speech” are those who UTTER it, not those who hear it. The Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, Pim Fortuyn, Theo van Gogh are dead; other cartoonists are in hiding; an Australian cartoonist had a fatal heart attack under the stress of being prosecuted. People were killed over a Salman Rushdie novel. Over words.

Screw your hurt feelings and anybody elses’. That low level “suffering” doesn’t compare to the actual financial, psychological and physical pain that censors, whiners and intellectually feeble minded jealous losers inflict every day on truly courageous artists and writers.

Stop valorizing victimhood and projecting your resentments, personal traumas and failures onto innocent people just because you’re jealous of their bravery, talent and accomplishments. If all you SJWs are too cowardly to tell your daddy your hate him or prosecute your rapist or whatever else is really the source of your anger, that’s your problem.

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